Martin Philippi

Jaylor Logo

  • Bachelor’s Degree (Honours) in Agriculture, Specializing in Resource Management
  • 30 Years International Agriculture Experience20 Years Total Mix Ration Equipment Sales and Feed Experience
  • Committed to Innovation–recognized TMR leader & key member of
    Jaylor’s team–holds 38 Patents
  • President -MAP Agri Inc. -International Sales Agency -Jaylor Canada Inc.
  • Export Market Development Lead For Jaylor Inc.
  • 2018 Business Excellence Award Finalist for Action Coach
  • Expert on the Full Range of Mixers from 10 cows to 10,000 cows
“The Same Top Quality TMR Rations-Every Bite, Every Day, All Day, All Year!”


Steven McDonald

  • Bachelor’s in Animal Science from Sam Houston State University
  • Over 18 years of experience in the construction industry
  • Proficient in equipment operation and repair
  • With Five-G since 2013
  • Dairy Construction Superintendent with 25 years of experience in the agricultural industry



John McFadzean

Sun-North Logo

  • Born and raised on a small family farm and worked on variety of farms in Canada, from vegetables to large beef, hog and dairy operations.
  • Bachelor Degree University of Guelph Agricultural College
  • Worked in the agricultural equipment field for several years before moving into the livestock ventilation and cooling field.
  • Joined Sun-North Systems in 1994, developing and commissioning complete comfort solutions for all types of livestock.
  • Traveled the globe for the last 14 years providing design and education to increase profitability to livestock operations.
  • Implemented solutions that overcome difficult weather related issues from frigid Finland to intensely hot Iran—there is a solution for all
  • Seen the good, bad and even the ugly in over 35 countries
  • Pride in accomplishment is what drives him to keep coming back.
“Still passionate about traveling after 20 years on the road, “every corner still has a new picture to show”


Michael Pedreiro

Farmdamentals Logo

  • Born and raised on a dairy farm in California
  • Family owned/operated dairy farm for 30+ years
  • Speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Nationally recognized dairy cattle judge
  • Spent nearly his entire life managing large dairy farms in some of the hottest, most humid environments in the USA
  • Worked three years for Alta Genetics as the Premier Account Manager working to bring solutions to some of the largest dairy farms in the USA (2,000 cows up to 45,000 cows)
  • Currently the General Manager of 8000 milking farm overseeing expansion to 10000 milking
  • Passionate about dairy farming and teaching/training the people who work in this noble profession
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Dairy Science from Cornell University
  • Graduated from Cornell Dairy Executive Program in 2006
“Elite dairy design and genetically superior animals are only as productive as the people who maintain and manage them.”


Chris Keane

Promat Logo

  • For the last 15 years been 100% focused on cow ergonomics and natural behaviour of cows in pasture and in Free Stall systems.
  • His work with Promat utilizing time lapse videos to learn about cow behaviour has revolutionized the way dairymen view cow movement within a free stall barn.
  • His videos allow the study of the dimensions a cow needs to get up naturally and replicate these dimensional requirements into a natural and safe freestall environment.
  • Promat was the first company in the World to use time lapse video in a dairy barn
  • Has worked with Veterinarians, Universities, Dairyman sharing studies and videos to help design an ergonomically friendly free stall and as a result, cows in 53 countries are on a Promat mattress system in barns that are state of the art and functional.
“Comfortable cows produce more milk”


Ted A. Gribble, P. E.

Five-G Consulting

  • Professional Engineer
  • Bachelor of Architecture Structures Degree – Texas Tech University
  • Master of Science Degree Engineering Management – Portland State University
  • Registered Agricultural Engineer in 12 U.S. States
  • Licensed Contractor, Member ASABE, AIA
  • Over 30 Years Designing Dairies
  • Frequent Speaker on Dairy Design Issues
  • Designed Dairy Farms up to 20,000 Head
  • Vast Experience Designing Commercial Facilities as well as Govt. and Universities
“My Entire Life Has Been Dairies and Construction, It Is What Our Family Does”


Donald L. Gribble, P. E.

Agpro Logo

  • Professional Engineer
  • Bachelor Degree Mechanical Engineering – Texas Tech University
  • Master Degree Electrical Engineering – Oregon State University
  • Registered Mechanical Engineer in 10 U.S. States
  • Over 20 Years Designing Dairies Specializing in Systems, Research & Integration
  • Frequent Speaker on Dairy Design Issues & Waste Management
  • Designed Dairy Farms up to 15,000 Head
  • Managed and Supervised Numerous Dairy Construction Projects
“My Grandfather and Father Instilled In Me a Love For Dairies, Building and Engineering”