Michael Pedreiro

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  • Born and raised on a dairy farm in California
  • Family owned/operated dairy farm for 30+ years
  • Speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Nationally recognized dairy cattle judge
  • Spent nearly his entire life managing large dairy farms in some of the hottest, most humid environments in the USA
  • Worked three years for Alta Genetics as the Premier Account Manager working to bring solutions to some of the largest dairy farms in the USA (2,000 cows up to 45,000 cows)
  • Currently the General Manager of 8000 milking farm overseeing expansion to 10000 milking
  • Passionate about dairy farming and teaching/training the people who work in this noble profession
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Dairy Science from Cornell University
  • Graduated from Cornell Dairy Executive Program in 2006
“Elite dairy design and genetically superior animals are only as productive as the people who maintain and manage them.”