John McFadzean

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  • Born and raised on a small family farm and worked on variety of farms in Canada, from vegetables to large beef, hog and dairy operations.
  • Bachelor Degree University of Guelph Agricultural College
  • Worked in the agricultural equipment field for several years before moving into the livestock ventilation and cooling field.
  • Joined Sun-North Systems in 1994, developing and commissioning complete comfort solutions for all types of livestock.
  • Traveled the globe for the last 14 years providing design and education to increase profitability to livestock operations.
  • Implemented solutions that overcome difficult weather related issues from frigid Finland to intensely hot Iran—there is a solution for all
  • Seen the good, bad and even the ugly in over 35 countries
  • Pride in accomplishment is what drives him to keep coming back.
“Still passionate about traveling after 20 years on the road, “every corner still has a new picture to show”