Chris Keane

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  • For the last 15 years been 100% focused on cow ergonomics and natural behaviour of cows in pasture and in Free Stall systems.
  • His work with Promat utilizing time lapse videos to learn about cow behaviour has revolutionized the way dairymen view cow movement within a free stall barn.
  • His videos allow the study of the dimensions a cow needs to get up naturally and replicate these dimensional requirements into a natural and safe freestall environment.
  • Promat was the first company in the World to use time lapse video in a dairy barn
  • Has worked with Veterinarians, Universities, Dairyman sharing studies and videos to help design an ergonomically friendly free stall and as a result, cows in 53 countries are on a Promat mattress system in barns that are state of the art and functional.
“Comfortable cows produce more milk”