The next IDFDC conference is in the planning stages, but due to Covid-19 we cannot schedule the event. We will update the website and send an email to all who have requested passes when a schedule has been determined.

We pray for your health and safety in this trying time. Please take care to wash you hands often and limit your exposure to high risk situations.

About IDFD services

Many countries around the globe are in need of better nutrition, and milk is one of the key components to improved nutrition. This is something the partners of IDFD take seriously! Our goal and passion is to increase access to quality, nutritious milk-based products for all people. This is especially important for persons located in milk deficit regions and underdeveloped dairy countries around the world. While powdered milk is a contributing piece to this supply, access to fresh milk and dairy products is essential, and has a significant impact on increasing consumption due to its superior taste and palatability. By 2030, the world dairy demand is projected to double…where is this supply going to come from? New, local dairy farms will be required to satisfy a substantial portion of this demand.

Recognizing this emerging requirement, we have gathered a group of like-minded, committed partners who can assist entrepreneurs and business people in making  this dream a reality anywhere in the world. This is IDFD. We partner with local businesses by providing essential agriculture expertise and systems to develop dairy farms for the purpose of supplying the local markets with US/EU quality fresh milk. If you want to develop a fresh milk supply in your country, contact IDFD to lay out your roadmap.

Do you:

  1. Have a desire to improve nutrition in your country?
  2. Have an interest in providing the people with fresh milk products?
  3. Posses the drive and resources to make a tremendous positive change in thousands of lives?
  4. Need partners to help you realize your dream of developing a dairy farm to produce fresh milk?

If you answered yes to the above questions then you need to attend the next IDFD Conference!

About IDFD conferences

Over the past few years we have observed an increased number of established leaders in the milk or beverage processing sector, as well as, successful business people, developing dairy farms to supply processing and packaging plants with fresh milk.

Five-G Consulting has partnered with Agpro, SunNorth, Promat, Delta Livestock Construction, Boumatic, Artex, Jaylor, and Farmdamentals in offering the International Dairy Farm Development (IDFD) Conference geared specifically to entrepreneurs exploring the possibility of entering this arena. Each of the partners has been selected as a leader in their respected key sectors.

The goal of the IDFD Conference is to address the challenges likely to be faced by newcomers to the mega-dairy environment. The goal is to offer a means to successfully navigate the obstacles and develop the path to a thriving dairy farming operation.

Each partner is a leader in their field. They are the experts selected from the top of the U.S. Dairy Industry. They are here to provide you with key information and direct access to discuss your situation. Please avail yourself of this resource during and after our meetings.



  • Hallmarks of good facility design/construction
  • How to select quality dairy equipment and components
  • What are the proper genetics and breeding techniques to reach herd steady state
  • Managing the people and the operation