IDFD Conference 2018 – Dubai

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About IDFD conferences

The International Dairy Farm Development Conference is where you will learn the opportunities of establishing and producing your own fresh milk, from your own cows, at your own facility.

Join our team of life-long innovators as they demonstrate the total system approach to maintaining a thriving dairy farm anywhere in the world.

Some topics covered by industry leading speakers:

FEASIBILITY ASSESSMENT Determine the correct dairy size, number of cows, equipment, and systems to meet your business goals

FACILITY DESIGN Optimize your profit potential now and in the future by selecting the correct equipment and systems to support your new operations, cow traffic, cow health and more

FACILITY CONSTRUCTION Construction techniques from around the world can be customized to meet your needs

HERD DEVELOPMENT Build a herd of any size to meet your production demand

OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Discover the key management aspects of a new facility

STAFFING/TRAINING Learn how to find and train the right personnel

Speakers from dairy industry leaders

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3 keys of fresh milkDeveloping complete dairy farm facilities, IDFD provides the ideal solution for setting up processors and other entrepreneurs, who desire to produce their own milk from their own cows. Our group can provide your complete milk production solution from site selection, through design and construction, to management of the final facility. Contact the IDFD group leaders at Five-G Consulting, Inc. to get started on developing your dairy farm today.